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UIC Resources is a grassroots manual that is broken down into sections that you download or print if needed.

There are a total of 8 sections.  Click on the image in each section to review the material.



Topics include:  

  • Accessing the Digital Demonstrations

  • Program and Practice tips & warm up

Session 1 - Base Work

Topics include:

  • Hands on knees set

  • Out and safe call

  • Timing

  • Base positioning (U11 and Under)

  • Fair and foul

  • infield groundballs

Session 1.png
Session 2.png

Session 2

Ball and Strike (Plate) Work

Topics include:

  • Plate stance

  • Strike and ball calls

  • Calling time and play

  • cleaning the plate

  • putting on /taking off your mask

  • plate meeting

Session 3 - Plate Work

Topics include:

  • Exiting left

  • overthrows

  • catch or not catch on flyballs

  • tag ups on 3rd base

  • Passed balls and foul pop ups

  • Plays at the plate

Session 4.png

Session 4 - Team Work

Topics include:

  • Pivot

  • Seal of 2nd and 3rd base (U11)

  • Game signals and signs

  • Calling fair/foul balls as a team

  • Infield fly, Check swing appeals

Supplemental Session

Level 2 Team Work

Topics include:

  • Mound conference

  • Starting positions (U13+)

  • Steal of 2nd and 3rd base (U13+)

  • 3rd base rotations

  • Rundown between 1st and 2nd base (U13+)

  • Calling flyballs as a team




Topics include:

  • Building a practice bag

  • UIC annual checklist

  • Umpire engagement

  • Accessing digital demonstrations

  • Grassroots mentorship program

  • Filling out a mentorship form online


Modified Adaptations

modified adaptations.png
UIC Workshop.jpg

UIC Workshop #2

What is a UIC?

Topics include:

  • Role

  • Responsibilities

  • Duties

  • Safety

  • Goal setting

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